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It Looks And Feels Like Snow Today, Reminds Me Of Deer Season With the Guys

This morning is a dark and chilly morning. There’s a light rain, but with the temperatures in the upper 30s it feels like it could be snow. It feels chillier than it is because we really haven’t had all that much cool weather yet.

The weather though is bringing back memories of hanging out with the guys at the mountains for the first week of buck season. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is snowing up there near Hazleton or will change to that just due to the higher elevation.

I didn’t hunt due to my vision, obviously, but I certainly drank beer and played cards. Be drinking beer, I mean an insane amount of beer. Anything I won playing cards went into the kitty for next year. I basically just played for change and my luck being shit I lost most of the time anyway.

The times I had there were great during a very negative time in my life. Some day I’d love to catch up with any of the friends from there that are still alive.