Another year and more arctic air. This time, it stayed below freezing from December 27th through January 7th. With most of those days having highs only into the teens and lows in the single digits. This seems to be a common thing the past few years. Wonder what’s causing that. These patterns seem to be locking in the past few years.

It’s finally warmed up a bit, so we decided to head out for a nice walk on the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail to check out the ice on the Susquehanna, not to mention get some fresh air. We’re very fortunate to have close access to such a wonderful trail! It’s a shame there are no unfound caches by us on this section of trail.

There were a few open areas in the ice, but the river was still mostly frozen over, even after being in the 40s yesterday and 50s today.

Lots of ice still on the river near the railroad bridge.

This is a picture showing lots of ice still on the river near the Shocks Mills Railroad bridge.

Ice On The Susquehanna River Near Shocks Mill Bridge

This is a photo looking upstream from the railroad bridge showing lots of ice on the Susquehanna River.

Ice On The Susquehanna River upstream of the Shocks Mill Bridge

This photo shows ice under Shocks Mill bridge.

Ice On The Susquehanna River under Shocks Mill Bridge

It doesn’t look like there will be heavy rain and hopefully, there isn’t to reduce the risk of flooding from all the ice breaking up.