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Milk, Bread and Eggs

I have always wondered why people go in the rush to the store to buy milk, bread and eggs when it’s forecast to snow. Even the worst of storms wouldn’t shut things down around here for more than a day or two.


Snow To Ice To Rain

We had the normal snow to ice to changeover again. It’s odd how there appears to be the biggest snow storms around Presidents’ Day.


Ice On Susquehanna River After Arctic Blast

We headed out to the NW river trail to check out the river ice. It was cool looking so I had to share some pictures.


Another Week And Another Possible Ice Storm

It looks like the Susquehanna valley is in for another ice storm. We’ve been placed in a winter storm watch for it.


Fun Little Ice Storm

We wound up having a fun little ice storm. Some of the rain was heavy Quite a few branches broke from the weight. It’s the first I remember seeing tree damage other than twigs since 1994.


Valentines Day Storm

We ended up having about six inches of very compact sleet and snow. Everything froze into a rock-hard glacier like ice when it got colder.