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Valentines Day Storm

We ended up getting about six inches of very compact sleet and snow in this storm. It started out with 3 to 4 inches of snow then heavy sleet all night, then it warmed up to 33℉ with sleet and rain. A few hours later, the temperature dropped and eventually reached the single digits at night. Everything froze as solid as a rock and is still that way. This is the first time I remember being able to walk on top of the snow.

Many of the back roads are still covered with ice. Even I 81 and I 78 have been shutdown for more than a day thanks to the ice.

We went and checked out the Susquehanna river today. Couldn’t park in many places, but we were able to go to Wrightsville and find a place to park. The river is frozen over with snow on top. The broken chunks of ice seemed to be pretty thick now. It’ll be interesting to watch the river as it warms up. Molly took some pictures, but I can’t post any since she didn’t take them off her camera. Maybe tomorrow.