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Milk, Bread and Eggs

I’ve always been curies as to why every time it snows people feel the need to go to the store and buy milk and eggs and bread. Why these items and not something that won’t spoil if you were to lose power.

The part I always laugh at is even in the worst storms in most of the world things will be back to normal within a day or two. Even if you can’t drive someplace most people could (gasp) walk to get what they may need. Granted if you live in the middle of nowhere you may need to take precautions but chance are you’d already know that and have planned for it and I would imagine that’s probably a huge part of why you chose to live that lifestyle.

It seems like it takes one little mention of snow in the weather forecast to make people lose their shit altogether. It doesn’t help at all that people seem to trust the Facebook “meteorologists” that do nothing but hype everything. I won’t mention their name but the worst I can think of has two letters then storm chasers in their name.