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Got Woken Up By Unexpected Thunderstorm Last Night

It was pretty unexpected by me last night to get a thunderstorm at all. I thought some showers might make it in, but I got woken up by loud thunder. While I was awake, there were a few more loud claps of thunder. By the sounds of it, they sounded as if they were fairly close and cloud to ground.

The storm itself was not anything special. It was just a small storm that produced occasional lightning and a burst of heavy rain. There was no wind to speak of. It didn’t last long, and I knew by radar that it wouldn’t, so I didn’t bother to get dressed to go sit on the porch and watch it like I normally do with electrical storms.

It was nice to have that last night and also see the convective nature of the clouds yesterday. As much as I loathe summer and the heat, I love thunderstorms. This is helping me look forward to more opportunities for the storm. It’s giving me hope for a good summer in that department.