Things aligned right for us to get a snow storm, and snow it did. It was cold throughout the storm and no mixing issues like I am so used to growing up near Philly watching that changeover line moving inlaid from the coast.

It was hard to measure this snow, if not impossible, so I would just eyeball it and say a little over two feet fell here in Mount Joy. There was a decent amount of wind and blowing later in the storm when the really heavy band rotated westward into the area. This will be one of those storms I remember for a long time.

At least the snow was pretty light to shovel. The only problem was finding someplace to put it. The only way to go was up.

This photo is of large snow pile in front of a house since there was nowhere else to put ita

Snow Piled Up

This photo is of deep now on a street.

Snow On The Street

Not sure why our rose bush comes back every winter after dying off in the middle of summer.

This is a photo of a few green leaves on a rose bush that is nearly buried in snow.

Rose Bush Is Still Green