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Freeze Warning Tonight

Somehow we managed to make it through the entirety of October without even getting frost. We’ve had snow before this date in recent years but this year the weather pattern has just been a mild one for the eastern part of the US.

It’s been the kind of autumn that has kept our plants very happy other than the squirrels eating the hibiscus but that will be done now that it’s in the house for the winter.. We haven’t had to even bring it in over night yet this year as there’s been no frost risk yet.

This hibiscus is big enough now that it’s a bit awkward to bring it in. It doesn’t fit through the door way width wise without bending so I try to be careful enough to bend the branches but not snap them. It’s loaded with flower buds and with the grow light we have now it should bloom better than it last year before it does rest a bit.

I also brought in the better looking fern and the two lavender plants we have. I don’t know if they’ll do well over the winter or not but it’s worth it to find out. The fern is the one we had last year and it did survive the cold winter. It just took forever to come back to life in the spring. I don’t think it even showed any green until July and we’re hoping it does better with bringing it in the house.

The lavender would be nice if it stays alive throughout the winter and we can get whiffs of smelling it. The internet says that at least some varieties of lavender will do well in the house but I have no clue what type we have. It’s worth a try.

Who knows where we’re going to find room to put them but we’ll figure something out. It’ll be nice to have plants in the house for the winter. Growing up there were always plants in our house.

It seems like more often than not the colder weather holds off for longer in the fall and lingers longer in the spring. It’s almost as if spring and fall are dispersing and we’re going straight from winter to summer and summer to winter.