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It's About As Humid As It Gets Around Here

Yesterday into this morning we’ve had dew points well into the mid 70s which aren’t that far off from the highest I’ve seen her which was pushing 80 during tropical systems in the summer. Just being constantly covered with sweat is one of the most annoying things to me. You can always add another layer in the winter to dress warmer but with heat and humidity you reach a point where there’s nothing you can do and this is one of those types of situations. Yes it will become a bit more tolerable over the summer but not that much better.

We broke down and put the air conditioner in last night and got relief within a few minutes really. Walking out of the bedroom was like walking into a wall of water within a half an hour. We’ve been talking about moving that air conditioner to the garage to use when we’re working out if needed and finding a quieter one for the bedroom. Yesterday would have been the perfect example of a time that would be nice to have available considering I failed my lift only because of sweat and humidity.

I got to researching new air conditioners for the bedroom and I kept seeing so many with “smart” features and WiFi. That would be nice to have and all but there are so many reasons not to actually buy it.

First of all I would have to at least assume that it’s like all the other “smart” devices that require and internet connection to function and require a server. The problem with that is the manufacturer will only keep the server running as long as its profitable. There’s no reason for them to even guarantee it will work for a certain amount of time. Americans are brainwashed to buying new things simply because they’re new, even if there’ no real improvements over the current device that they have that’s fully functional. I would assume when they turn off the server like most other devices like this it would stop functioning eventually. It wouldn’t even work as a dumb device. I haven’t done any deep research into this but I’m just assuming based on what I’ve seen in other types of things.

Sort of going along with the above is security. What security measures does the company take since their device is always connected to the internet? What do they track? “Smart” TVs are known to track just about everything so why wouldn’t air conditioners figure out ways to do the same thing? Think about the track record of always connected devices. Think about how many thousand dollar phones don’t receive timely or any security updates at all and if they do it’s only for a year. I’m really not big on regulation but maybe this should be looked at and maybe at least have manufactures have to tell you a head of time they will offer security updates.

If the network connection is lost or never even enabled for that matter does it fall back and fully function as dumb device or does it become nothing more than a several hundred dollar piece of shit? I would be totally shocked if they didn’t have some form of DRM to control how you can use it and especially repair it, in other words scheduled obsolesce.

Enough with that rant about “smart” devices though. I’m hoping that the cold front gets here early enough to get in my strength from yesterday and perhaps a WOD or two. I feel like such a quitter from yesterday but I know the reality of it is that I made the correct choice to call it for the day knowing my body and how it doesn’t handle the heat very well. At least having the air conditioner in last night gave me a good night’s sleep which I haven’t had a few days due to fire pit smoke again and fireworks. The fire pit smoke is a nightly nuisance anymore.