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A Couple Days Of Hell Like Heat

Today we should get some nice thunderstorms. There’s a sweet looking cell out near Pittsburgh this morning. It will be interesting to watch how that complex of storms moves across the state and holds together.

It’s a shame that it will probably miss us to the south but it’s worth it to not have the crazy humidity we had yesterday. The SPC moved the slight risk of severe thunderstorms south today. We’d better get good storms after putting up with that heat.

Most of yesterday we had a ridiculous dew point most of the day. It was in the upper 70s. I don’t remember feeling that since the mid 1990s or so when I was still in Philly. I didn’t like it then and I like it even less now. I never really thought a dew point in the low 70s could feel good like it did late yesterday afternoon and this morning.

Luckily the actual temperature didn’t make it as high as it could have either Wednesday or Tuesday. Both mornings we had left over clouds from overnight thunderstorms. Tuesday night’s thunderstorms even produced a tornado in NYC. That’s pretty rare.

We had the air on downstairs but not upstairs in our bedroom because we think they’d both be on the same circuit and that’s just not a good idea. When I went to bed it was still 91 in here.