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High In The 60s Yesterday and Today

Well any trace of last weeks snow is long gone now. Yesterday It was warm and humid with a threat of showers that never did happen. Even had some sun poke through the clouds at times with temperatures in the 50s. Last evening it began to creep up with south winds.

Around midnight I woke up and peaked at radar. A line of heavy rain was developing just to our west so I got up hoping for a thunderstorm. It was very humid outside. Felt almost tropical. When the rain got here it was very heavy like a summer thunderstorm but no lightning here. Only a few hundred miles to our south were severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings.

It should be a little cooler this week then more normal next weekend with maybe even some snow!

I really love the cold and snowy weather during winter but today is one of those times you just couldn’t ask for a nicer middle of January day. Full sun with temperatures in the 60s. I just wish yesterday’s and today’s conditions were swapped so we could have done something outside. Nothing like spring fever in early January.