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Temperature Swing

Today was certainly a very fascinating day in the weather department. The night and early morning were very mild. The high got into the lower fifties a couple of hours before dawn and dropped off a little before dawn, but remained in the mid forties.

During the morning, we had some running around to do. I think the cold front came through about 8:30 am. There was a distinct wind shift and the wind slowly began to increase. You could also tell that there was dry air mixing into the clouds.

The wind continued to increase as the temperature crashed, then leveled off in the lower twenties near noon while the sun was shining. We had very gusty winds, with my personal weather station maxing out at forty-five miles per hour. I’d bet that some gusts were stronger than that, but my weather station is somewhat sheltered from northwest winds by houses and tree.

By mid-evening the temperature hit the single digits with still gusty winds. It was one of the colder nights that I can remember, with the low temperature and wind combined. We’ve technically had colder nights within the past few years, but it’s early winter so we’e not adopted to it yet, plus it has been fairly mild so far.

Things are setting up for us to have the coldest Christmas even tomorrow in a long time. The high temperature should only get up into the mid teens during the day.

We ended up getting over an inch of rain from the storm system, but didn’t really get any snow after the front end half an inch or so that got washed away by the rain. The models seemed pretty set on some back building and snow on the back end, but it didn’t actually materialize here in time. They seem to overpredict that pretty often, though.