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Nice To See Some Surprise Heavy Snow Today

I knew there had been a chance of some snow changing to rain today, and the radar this morning actually looked pretty decent for it. I figured it was too warm, and the fact that it was going to start in the day time made me think it might remain too warm. We had one of the deepest red sunrises, though, with nothing falling from the sky until like 10:30 AM.

It actually snowed fairly heavily and making the ground white. Even the shaded areas of pavement are getting some slushy snow on them. The temperature started out 36 ℉ and has dropped to about freezing in the heavier precipitation.

Some Fresh Snow On One Of Our Tables

This picture shows some freshly fallen snow on a brown table. Some flakes are large enough to be able to see them.

It appears to me that we have somewhere between a half an inch to an inch on the glass patio table. I don’t know where the ruler is to measure it, so I just have to give a guess.

I’ll take it for how this winter has gone so far, with the being mostly lack of cold air. Who would have guessed that there was enough in the area for cold air damming to even bring any frozen precipitation today. Hell, yesterday’s high was 54.1 ℉ and tomorrow the forecast is for it to be in the upper 40s. It’s nice to get a little taste of winter.