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Warm Day And Evening Thunderstorm

The mountains west and central PA have had a massive storm this week with lots of snow and wind. That’s put us on the warm side of the storm with the warm front finally making it through we’ve had a high in the 70s today with the last patches of snow in shade being gone by noon. It was a nice day for sure.

We tried to enjoy some time on the patio but the fucking mosquitoes were already out. The neighbor said she got bit from her yard and we though she was full of shit but we ended up getting bit.

We ended up with a nice surprise having the atmosphere destabilize enough for some pretty nice thunderstorms for this time of the year. Didn’t expect that since there wasn’t a ton of sun until late afternoon. Lots of in cloud lighting. No nearby cloud to ground strikes that I saw but there was lots of rumbling. Pretty decent wind gusts with very heavy rain too! I am hoping this is a sign of things to come this spring and summer. Last year we had just heavy rain with a bit of lightning and thunder for the most part.