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Today's Humidity Is Nasty

Today has been somewhat drizzly and very humid day. Dew point is in the low seventies with temperature only a few degrees higher than that so it’s just misty and drizzling.

The remnants of Tropical Storm Bertha moving up to our west is exasperating the humidity. That and it’s environment are just adding more moister to the mix.

The wetness today made for today’s WOD being what you would call very interesting for sure. It was a bunch of front rack sandbag lunges and some sand bag hang to overhead. After that there were two wall walks but I chose the pike up on a box option. We don’t have solid walls yet to do the wall walks and besides that I never was comfortable with balance doing them and wouldn’t do them in a WOD setting.

My mistake was turning on the fan and opening the door. That just made the floor instantly wet and the rubber mats can get slippery like wet ice when they’re wet. My guess would be that the ground temperature is still below the 70ish degree dew point and the fan just mixed the humidity down to the floor level. There was condensation on everything.

I could feel my feet slipping as I was doing as I was doing the sandbag stuff and felt my hands and feet wanting to slip doing the pike ups. Needless to say it was a WOD I chose to use more caution than I did intensity. I just wanted to get through it would breaking something and I did manage to succeed at that. It was unpleasant but I got some movement in today. My original plan was to double up on WODS today but I now realize that wouldn’t be a very wise move on my part.