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First Cloud Of The Day

In life I have learned to always look at and appreciate the small gifts that mother nature gives us to enjoy. It was bright and sunny while I was in the garage doing my lifts and it suddenly got darker while doing one of my sets of bench press. Once I completed that set I loolked outside and saw

When I was little, living in an apartment on Croydon I remember seeing these sorts of clouds out the bathroom window. They fascinated me because of the color of course but also because they’re mostly in the winter when the winds are stronger up there so you can usually visually notice their movement.

First Cloud Of The Day

This is a picture of a small lonely cumulus cloud directly in front of the sun. The center is dark from the shadow with the edges being iridescent where the sun is reflecting off of some of the ice crystals.

It was a nice little surprise to spot this today. It’s not one of the most colorful ones I’ve seen but I was also able to stand there and enjoy looking at it for a little bit since we weren’t busy doing something else or on our way into a store or something. Enjoy the little things that are completely free.