Another Cold Front But Nothing Like The Past Few Years

Another storm moved through and another cold front but so far other than the one shot in December there hasn’t really been any arctic air masses like we’ve had the past few years. I hope global patterns shift and we can get that in time for some snow and cold this winter but who knows.

Yesterday we ended up with maybe a half an inch of wet snow with maybe an inch of sleep and freezing rain on top of it with temperatures getting above freezing for the night. Even the tiny bit of snow we had made for a nice quiet peaceful time outside when I went to clear the sidewalks. It was still and quiet other than the sounds of the melting frozen stuff dripping of the roofs and trees.

While it’s gonna get a little chillier for the next couple of days it’s just gonna be the normal cold you’d expect in January. We just haven’t had the single digit lows or for that matter the days when the high is barely out of the single digits if it makes it that high.