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Finally A Nice Day When We Could Get outside For A Bit

The entire winter has been mild this year, there’s no denying that. There has been plenty or rain though and the rain has been mostly on the days when Molly had off and we’d be able do do something. By luck she had off today and we wanted to get outdoors. No appointments or other plans were there to interfere with that today!

The original idea was to go to middle creek but we decided to stay closer to home so went to grab a couple of caches on the Conewago trail. The first parking area was filled up so we went to a different section with only two unfound caches. Still it was a great day to be out and get a little sun.

There were tons of people on the trail. Almost too many people but it is a public trail so it’s a good thing to see so many people out enjoying it rather than sitting on the couch in front of a TV or something.

We heard one or two chipmunks chirping but couldn’t see them. We saw lots of them up there last time we were on the trail. Heard a woodpecker calling in the tree right above us but couldn’t find him either. It was nice to hear a few nature sounds.