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July Fifth Thunderstorms

We had a nice storm come through this afternoon. I wasn’t expecting much today with all the clouds in the morning and with yesterday’s disappointment still fresh in my mind. Seems like every time we get a tornado watch nothing really happens in the area. The one in 2003 that was a PDS tornado watch still sticks in my mind because hardly a storm developed that day. At least we managed to get some sun today. The sun never really came out yesterday.

On to today I was watching a few storms in Ohio then they moved into Pennsylvania. Didn’t look all that impressive on radar. They seemed like they’d miss us to the north but a line formed and moved right across. It started out with a light breeze towards the storm then I noticed a bunch of scud clouds. I didn’t want to bring the camera into the rain to get a picture. We got a nice cold rain and plenty of wind. No damage or anything like that but it shook the trees pretty good. There wasn’t much thunder or lightning.

The rain was very heavy. Picked up about 1.40 inches of rain here with 0.91 of that coming from the first storm. We had a less intense storm after the first one with quite a bit of distant thunder.