The Humidity Has Arrived

This morning when I woke up it was pretty nice out. Nice and cool. There was even a bit of sunshine earlier but the clouds quickly thickened. It was one of Those spring mornings where it feels mild but not too cold or too warm. It felt just right.

We had some light rain and drizzle but it looked like it was threatening to do more than that. As the day went on the humidity crept up, assisted by the rainfall.

Finally when we did our bro session I started realizing just how humid it was. I quickly regretted wearing pants instead of shorts once I started moving. At least it wasn’t hot but it was definitely one of those days where everything just felt wet. The humidity today was pretty much the opposite of yesterday’s hot but very dry air.

The dumbbells felt very slippery today and the floor was feeling extremely slippery. My best guess is the ground temperature was probably lower than the dew point. I can’t really complain too much because I was able to be aggressive with the weights today. 75 for the rows. and 40s for curls and presses so that was a big positive today.

If the weather keeps up like this we might be installing the air conditioner into the window sooner rather than later. That was a great idea last summer when we bought a cheap air conditioner to put in the garage. We’re fortunate to have the windows giving us the ability to use one and more importantly it seemed like it made very little difference in the electric bill.