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Severe Thunderstorms And A Funnel Cloud On Sunday

We were away geocaching last week in four states and stayed over in Maryland. We had a blast with it too. Sunday morning there were already thunderstorms developing over Delaware. I could see the dark clouds out the hotel window. They had severe thunderstorm warnings. We went to do a fun multi and then decided to head towards home.

As we headed north we could see a nasty looking storm to the north. We never ran into it though. Finally by the time we got to Quarryville we reached and area where it had rained.. After reading the reports of golf ball sized hail I am thinking maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t catch up to the storm.

Anyways I was just looking at the NWS website at storm reports from Sunday. It seems they had lots of reports of hail. What surprised me was a funnel cloud over Hinkletown. They have pictures of it posted. Pretty wild storms this year continuing. See it here Funnel Clouds Observed August 10, 2008 [^1]

The nice thing though is the fact that it’s been very nice weather for the past week. The heat and humidity are gone.

[1]: Removed old dead link