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So Close But So Far Away

It’s nice to finally see a good snow storm that is close to hear. Everything so far this winter has been so far to to the west it’s been keeping us on the warm side of things. It’s also nice to see one with moisture as they’ve been fairly dry around here.

We were never going to get anything from it but down along the Maryland border could get some light snow. Here in Mount Joy it’s just going to be a dark and cloudy morning with the temperature and dew point dropping as the colder air gets sucked in from the storm.

I’d have some hope if I still lived back in the Philly area though with it being so close there. That sharp cutoff on the snow would be a real heart breaker.

It’s nice to see a storm actually interacting with some cold air at least close to Central PA finally though at least. Hard to believe that it was 60 here yesterday and places just to the south could be measuring snow in feet today. It happens in the spring when it’s stormier usually it’s generally colder in the winter here. Growing up in the Philly area it was always either a sharp cutoff on the back edge of the precipitation threatening or the mix line from the warmer ocean air approaching.

It’s going to be a good day to glance at the radar and satellite and day dream about what could have been.

Today will have the quote

How much for Philly?

in the back of my mind. I remember seeing in my earliest times looking into the news group then early forums I’d see that question all the time.