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Finally Some Snow Before The Arctic Front Tomorrow

There hasn’t been much snow this year. We’ve been ending up on the arm side of storms, but today things worked out, so snow formed on a cold front. By later in the day, the snow was coming down fairly heavily, and we wound up with 3 inches or so by my best guess.

Tomorrow should be interesting with the Arctic front moving through the area. With luck, we’ll have some nice snow squalls. The fresh snow should make it enjoyable and cold at night if the wind stops.

I’m not looking forward to hearing the polar vortex hype or “It’s cold so that’s proof of no global warming” by people who have no comprehension of the fact that weather and climate are related but not the same thing.

This squirrel was sitting on the patio table in the snow

This picture shows a squirrel in the snow sitting on the patio table.