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Heat Dome, The New Polar Vortex?

I just saw a new article linked about the “heat dome” that caused the record smashing heat in western North America. While the heat dome is a real thing, but I just know the hype-centric news outlets are only going to use that term as a big scary hype machine. It will be the summer version of what they do with the polar vortex during the winter.

Occasionally, I wish the news could be like it was when I was young, where it was just on TV for a short period of time a day r in the once or twice a day newspaper. They didn’t have to keep the 24 hours a day hype train rolling like they do now. So much of what is posted as news now is grossly inaccurate or a one sentence “article” that quotes a tweet.

I just feel like they’re going to take this legitimate term way out of context. Soon the left leaning neighbor and right leaning neighbor will be arguing over it. The left learner will blame it on global warming and seem to think that the heat dome is a brand-new thing. The right leaning one will be trying to make the argument that the left made it up to scare people, and they ain’t worried about it.

It’s a natural part of the climate, but if you are not convinced that it’s been amplified by climate change, you’ve got your head buried in the sand.