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Our First Snow Of The Season

Today we’re having our first accumulation of snow of the 2022-2023 winter. It’s occurring on the first full day of winter, no less. It’s pretty late this year.

The First Snow Of The Season

This is a picture of a thin coating of snow. on a green table

The temperature right now is very borderline and is only going to go up. We’re going to wind up being on the warm and wet site of the storm as it approaches, but tomorrow should get interesting.

With the big block and large storm we’re going to have the coldest Christmas in a while once that arctic front, Maybe that will bring us a nice changeover back to snow tomorrow and those shenanigans. At least then even if it is only a dusting it’ll stick around for a few days. It’ll certainly be an interesting storm to watch unfold and is going to put a damper on traveling for many.