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Cooler Fall Like Day Today

It’s not really been a big secret from my posts that this summer has been a long, hot and humid one. We really didn’t seem to have many of the cooler evenings that you can typically get in August.

Last week was cooler, but then the heat and humidity returned for this week.

After a couple of inches of rain yesterday, a nice cold front moved through. Don’t get me wrong, the humidity was unpleasant to say the least when I did my WOD in the afternoon, but then the sun started peaking through as the cold front passed and the sun came out.

By the time we went for our evening walk, it was a lot less humid and just a pleasant, cool evening for one. Even the air appears to be easier to breathe when it’s not like a swamp.

It really cooled off last night, with the temperatures in the upper 40s this morning. I think it’s the first time that’s occurred since last spring. I always loved this time of the year when it starts cooling off, and we get these enjoyable nights.

The cooler nights are also perfect for getting a great night’s sleep! Last night was no exception to this observation. I slept well and had a great night’s sleep.

I guess it won’t be long until the long range weather models are hinting and snow flurries in the mountains at this point. Bring on winter weather!