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First Chance To Eat Supper On The Patio

It’s such a nice day today, we decided to take advantage of i and eat supper out on the patio at the table. The sinking sun and slight breeze felt good.


It's Time To Put The Screen Back In The Front Door

With today and the next few days being so warm, and it’s the middle of April now, we decided to take the glass out and put the screen back in the front door.


Being Visually Impaired, Walking Into Things Could Be The Story Of My Life

Growing up and being visually impaired all my life I’ve learned to accept that I will occasionally not see something and walk into it. I used to be embarrassed by it as a middle school kid but now I just accept it will happen and just laugh it off.


That Safe Place You Put Stuff So It Doesn't Get Lost

You know how it goes when you put something that you don’t want to lose in that safe place where it won’t get lost. It’s even safe from you because you forget where you placed it.