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That Safe Place You Put Stuff So It Doesn't Get Lost

You know, Hell, everyone knows of putting things away in a safe place where it won’t get lost. That place that is so safe you can’t even find it later. I know I can never locate the thing that I need when I need it once it’s put in that safe spot.

Today’s a prime example of that. Our lawnmower’s starter string is getting bitched up last fall. Actually, it had broken part way down it, but there was still enough you could start it the old school way. Remember when you had to reach down to the engine to pull it? That’s before they had the bar you had to hold to allow it to run. The safety just makes it a little more convoluted. This morning, the rope broke off inside the starter.

Damn! I really, really wanted to finish mowing the lawn! It’s not a big deal.

The problem is: We have a new handle with a new string for the lawnmower that we bought last fall. The weather changed, so we never repaired it. The bigger difficulty is that we put that package away some place where it would not get lost. Thankfully, it’s in a safe place, but unfortunately, it’s safe from even us finding it.