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First Chance To Eat Supper On The Patio

The high temperature outperformed the forecast today. It made it into the mid-70s while the forecast was 71℉. It has been warm enough that we thought maybe we might get the chance to eat outside a couple of times last month, but it was just too windy by when super time came along.

Today it was perfect, with the sinking sun to the west still shining fairly strongly. We only had a slight breeze. Just enough of a wind to keep the air moving.

The birds were singing all around. Other than the birds and the one helicopter that flew over, it was a nice, relaxing evening to sit outside for a bit and enjoy the fresh air. We had a glass of wine with our supper and that felt good too. There wasn’t a fly or mosquito infestation yet, at least.

We didn’t have many opportunities to do that last year when it was nice since our self-destructing tree basically covered the entire yard. Ut just seemed that it wanted to keep dropping pieces onto our patio and eventually large branches. Hell, one of the large branches fell onto the chair that I had been sitting on minutes after I got upon a clear and calm day. It didn’t get cut down until nearly fall. That’s all a thing of the past now, so we can hopefully enjoy the fresh air on our patio and be worry free about it.

After supper, we enjoyed the great weather even more on our nice walk. We went a little longer today at about 1½ miles. It was quiet except for the many birds singing their asses off.