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Geese Crossing The Road

Today we had to go to Lancaster to get a hose to water the garden. We ran into a short delay when a flock of geese decided to waddle across Harrisburg Pike right in front of us.


Being Visually Impaired, Walking Into Things Could Be The Story Of My Life

Growing up and being visually impaired all my life I’ve learned to accept that I will occasionally not see something and walk into it. I used to be embarrassed by it as a middle school kid but now I just accept it will happen and just laugh it off.


Duck Thinks The Parking Lot Is His

We had to go to Giant today and when we got there there was a duck standing in the driving isle. It was looking around for a bit then decided to lay right there. It didn’t want to move.


I Bought A "Romper" To Make My Girlfriend Laugh

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t give much of a shit what anyone things. Once I found the right one to fit that I had to get a male romper to fuck with my girlfriend.


Got A Pair Of Overall Shorts

With the whole romper thing I went off on Amazon looking for one to mess with my girlfriend. I didn’t find anything that caught my attention. I did find overall shorts so they were an okay option. Turns out they were comfortable.


Mannequin Fetish?

I just saw this article about a man with a mannequins fetish.