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Duck Thinks The Parking Lot Is His

We decided to give the grocery store a shot today to see if it may be less busy than the weekend. We pulled in and parked and there in the middle of the Giant parking lot is a duck waddling around without a care in the world. I just had to take a picture of this.

duck looking straight at me in the parking lot when I take his picture

This picture contains a duck standing in the middle of the driving lane of a parking lot looking straight at me while I took his picture.

When I went to take the first picture he looked straight at me, quacking, probability telling me to fuck off in duck language. He did quack at me. As I was getting back in the car another car driving past had to go around him since by that time he decided to lay down right there.

Duck decided to lay down in the middle of the driving lane

This picture shows a duck decided to lay down in the middle of the driving lane of the Giant parking lot.

He didn’t move until someone kept beeping at him. Then he finally took off to go someplace hopefully a little safer.

The whole thing sort of reminded me of the seagulls that would always be flying around the old Woodhaven Mall parking lot growing up. I wonder if the duck learned that it can get food here like the seagulls did at the mall in Andalusia with the McDonald’s in the parking lot. Either way it’s always pretty awesome to see animals adapting to coexist with humans.