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We Saw The Chipmunk Running Past Our Garage Door

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I haven’t noticed it lately but he’s obviously still alive and well. I thought the feral cats might have gotten him. Molly was doing her WOD today and I was watching her and helping count reps when the chipmunk darted past the sliding glass door to the patio. I think he lives under the neighbor’s patio since. It’s easy to miss him since his brown blends in pretty well with the color of the pavers in our patio, especially on a rainy day like today.

Duck Thinks The Parking Lot Is His

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We decided to give the grocery store a shot today to see if it may be less busy than the weekend. We pulled in and parked and there in the middle of the Giant parking lot is a duck waddling around without a care in the world. I just had to take a picture of this. duck looking straight at me in the parking lot when I take his pictureThis picture contains a duck standing in the middle of the driving lane of a parking lot looking straight at me while I took his picture.

Mad Cow Geocaching?

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The other day, the stars aligned so that we’d be able to get outside on a nice day and find a few geocaches. It was a nice walk on the Lancaster Junction Trail, and we saw some farm animals in the fields that border the trail.