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Robin Landed On Our Umbrella Pole

I was out in the garage watching Molly do her squats. We heard a very loud robin calling. I looked up and saw that it was perched on top of the umbrella pole on the table less than ten feet from the door.


A Bunch Of Robins Hopping Around Our Tree Stump

I looked out the back door to see if it was snowing yet. I was reminded of Nan and Pop telling me when they saw robins when I saw four of them hopping around the tree stump.


Large Bird On A Pole

We have been hearing bald eagle in the evenings. We heard it again this morning. All we saw was this large bird on the railroad pole. Couldn’t ell if it’s Juvenile eagle or hawk because of the way it was perched.


Pretty Cool Sidewalk Art

While we were out for our walk, we noticed there were some chalk drawings on the sidewalk. We noticed this pretty cool one. I guess it was from the car show.


Several Visitors On The Patio While We Did Our Bro Session This Evening

It’s always nice to see wildlife on our patio. First I saw a robin hopping around. Shortly after the robin flew off, I saw a squirrel out there.


A Dove Was Right At The Door

This morning I heard a dove and it sounded lout. I looked out the door and it was in the hanging plant right at the door.


Bird Must Be Building A Nest

I noticed a bird was flying back and forth between the tree and our dormant milkweed plant. It was pecking at and pulling fibers from the dead milkweed and flying off with them.


We Went Back Conewago Potholes Since The River Is Lower

We’ve been meaning to get back to the Conewago falls area when the river was low. We finally made it there today.


I Saw A Robin Pecking In The Snow

I looked in the backyard and saw robins pecking in the snow. It reminded me a lot of Nan and Pop, who were always thrilled to see them in the spring.