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Large Bird On A Pole

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Recently we’ve been hearing a bald eagle in the evening. Earlier in the summer I thought I heard one but never did see it. We’ve been hearing it on our evening walks daily now but haven’t been able to spot it. I also hear it in the mornings and same deal. Never looking in the right spot at the right time. We were in the car this morning ready to go out caching when it finally landed on top of one of the Amtrak power poles.

A Dove Was Right At The Door

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A Mourning Dove On Our Hanging PlantHere is a photo of a mourning dove that was sitting on our old hanging plant right at the door. I walked into the garage while I was eating a hard boiled egg and heard a dove calling much more loudly than normal. You normally can barely hear them inside unless they’re close by but this one sounded like it was right there.