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I Saw A Robin Pecking In The Snow

A robin pecking at the ground after a light snowfall

Here is a photo of a robin standing in the snow pecking at the ground for food.

I happened to look out the back door and noticed a few robins hopping around in the fresh snowfall that accumulated in the backyard this morning. It’s funny how little things such as this can bring back memories of people or places.

Nan and Pop always told me when they saw robins in the spring, and they were happy because it meant spring is on the way. Even the last year Nan was alive and called me, or I called her, she’d happily tell me when she saw robins hopping around. I miss both of them more than anyone can imagine. To a point, I felt guilty moving away from them, since I’d walk to their house and mow their lawn and shovel the snow for them. I actually caught my self-starting to dial their old phone number to tell them I saw it.