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Several Visitors On The Patio While We Did Our Bro Session This Evening

It’s always pretty cool to see the wildlife on our patio. Last summer we’d often see a chipmunk, but I haven’t seen it this year. I wonder if one of the feral cats didn’t get it.

This evening while we were lifting for our bro session, first there were many, maybe starlings? I didn’t get a good look at them to be sure, but they were pretty big and black.

What I did get a good look at and a picture of was a robin hopping along the edge of the patio. At least it wasn’t attacking the windows nonstop like it did the other year. That was funny as hell to see one attacking its reflection for hours at a time. Anyway, seeing the robin out there reminded me a lot of Nan and Pop. They were always excited when they saw robins, and they just loved them.

A Robin Hopping Along The Edge Of Our Patio

Here is a photo of a robin that was hopping along the edge of our patio.

Shortly after the robin took off, there was a squirrel running around the patio. After looking more closely, I noticed that it was eating the maple seeds. It’s not like there’s a shortage of them. That tree produces thousands of them every year, and little trees grow everywhere. The seeds clog the gutters and everything else too, so hopefully the squirrels eat them all!

A Squirrel Eating A Maple Seed

Here is a picture a gray squirrel sitting up on our patio eating a maple seed.