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Large Bird On A Pole

Recently we’ve been hearing a bald eagle in the evening. Earlier in the summer I thought I heard one but never did see it. We’ve been hearing it on our evening walks daily now but haven’t been able to spot it.

I also hear it in the mornings and same deal. Never looking in the right spot at the right time. We were in the car this morning ready to go out caching when it finally landed on top of one of the Amtrak power poles.

A large bird sitting on an Amtrak pole

Here is a photo of large bird sitting on the metal crossbar of an Amtrak electric pole. It's either a Juvenile hawk or eagle.

We were unable to see it well enough or get a good enough picture to be able to tell if it’s a juvenile hawk or a juvenile bald eagle. It was just sitting the wrong way and flew before we got to the other side but we know it’s a juvenile one. This is what we’ve been hearing every evening I guess and what I’ve heard throughout the summer.

I know there have been bald eagles around Mount Joy this summer because other people are seeing them and posting pictures of them. At this point it was just awesome to see the large bird right in front of our house.

The less than ideal quality of the picture really doesn’t help very much with the identification of the bird. Between it being so zoomed in and I’m sure my hand was moving a bit plus the very bright blue sky in the background really the picture turn out kind of bad. I guess when you consider the fact that it was taken with just my cell phone it’s pretty amazing quality. It really helps when you take into consideration what the main purpose of the device is I guess. I’m sure if you compared it to those old cheap ass 110 film cameras I had growing up the phone would blow it out of the water.