I walked out into the garage this afternoon as I was eating a sandwich and wanted to look outside while doing so when I noticed a bird flying back and forth out of the corner of my eyes. I took out my telescope to get a closer look and saw what was going on. Turns out this bird were gathering materials for a nest. It was actually funny looking to see it pulling the old stem from the milkweed apart to get these little pieces.

Here is a photo of bird taking nesting materials from the stalks of the milkweed plant left over from last year.

A Bird Taking Materials From Our Milkweed Plant

It seemed to be flying more or less straight up when it was flying away. Maybe it’s building a nest in our tree right above the patio which would be cool. I couldn’t see where it was flying off to because the door frame was blocking it. I didn’t want to go outside and disturb it from doing its thing.