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A Bunch Of Robins Hopping Around Our Tree Stump

I looked out the back door after grabbing a drink of water and noticed that there are a bunch of robins hopping around the area of our tree stump. Ironically the reason I looked out the door in the first place was to see whether it was snowing yet. Even better is the fact that it’s a bit over 30 degrees cooler than yesterday. I guess because it’s more bare ground there than grassy since the tree didn’t allow the grass to grow. I counted at least four different ones.

Nan and Pop always loved seeing the robins in the spring. To them that meant that spring was coming. They used always excitedly tell me they saw them when I visited them. Nan would call me to tell me when I moved away. Seeing their first robins of the spring always made them happy.

While I was at the bus stop with Brooke this morning another spring like thing happened. A flock of geese flew north.