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A Bird Keeps Attacking His Reflection In Our Windows

For the past several days, we have been hearing this odd banging noise on our windows, but haven’t been able to figure out what was going on. It wasn’t loud enough to be concerning, but we were definitely interested to figure out what was causing this unusual noise. I’d hear it in the morning and just figure it was maybe something outside, you know, kids playing or something like that.

Eventually, Molly spotted it. It was a bird flying into the garage window and pecking at his reflection. My best guess by size and shape would be that it was a robin. He would fly away and come back from a different angle sometimes, but always flying beak first into the glass. Eventually, he would give up, then a few minutes later you’d hear him attacking another window or the sliding glass door.

The window attacks were persistent throughout the day. Depending on how the sun was shining, I’d be hearing it on different windows. It would be consistent at certain time of the day. My best guess would be when he was not finding food to eat.

I’ve seen and heard them flying into windows before and once in a while even saw a dead one on the ground from it, but never seen one unrelentingly attacking a window. This has been occurring for at least a week now that I’m aware of. I’ve been hearing it but not seeing it and not really looking for anything, thinking it was just outside noise. This whole incident has given us countless laughs and will probably continue to do so for years when we remember it.