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We Went To A Local Alpaca Farm's Open House Again

We went to the local Alpaca farm’s open house again today with the grand kids. There were certainly too many people there and too many whining babies but at the same time it was cool to see the grand kids enjoy it and it was cool to see the alpacas again. There were just way too many kids that were having zero attempts at parenting going on with them.

They seemed to be much more skittish this time compared to how I remember them before. There did seem to be more people there though and I think it was earlier in the day than last time.

I saw one spit at another one today after making a pissed off sound. The second one backed off after that.

We also spotted the smaller pen with two baby alpacas in it. The guy said one of them was born yesterday if I heard correctly. They even took some milk from the mothers when we were there.

Baby Alpacas

Here is a photo a couple of baby alpacas with their mothers.

It was nice to get some sunshine today even though it was still fairly chilly this morning but the sun felt good. As with any sort of animal it was great to see them. Me being an animal lover in general I always enjoy seeing them.