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Mad Cow Geocaching?

The other day we had time, and it was a fairly nice day, so we got out for a walk on the Lancaster Junction Trail and find a couple of geocaches that we hadn’t found. The stars aligned that we could get out for a great, breezy June day and collect some sunshine and smileys.

We headed to the Lancaster Junction Trail. This trail is nice and has gotten nicer over the years as they’ve improved it. I remember when it was mostly mud. Now it is nice gravel, and we always see people out running or walking their dogs. Thankfully, there aren’t to make bikes. The trail isn’t one of our favorites due to the traffic noise from 283 at the end of it, but it’s a very conveniently close drive for us to get there. It was perfect to get to after the girlfriend got home from work.

While we were searching for one of the caches, we just kept hearing this strange noises out in the field. At the cache’s location there is a pretty steep bank going up to the field and lots of brush, so we were unable to see, but we kept hearing that odd noise. Later on, we got to a clearing, and we saw the cows out in the field making the strange sounding moos. I wonder if it was because so many of them were laying down.

Cows While Caching

This is a picture some cows in a field grazing.

As usual the horses were out in the field near the beginning of the trail. They have such pretty horses there.

Pretty Horses In A Field While Caching

This is a picture a horse in a field grazing.