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Watching A Rabbit In The Neighbor's Yard

I walked into the garage for something this evening and saw movement out in the backyards. I looked more closely and realized the movement wasn’t a butterfly like I had hoped, but it was something nice to see nonetheless.

I always enjoy seeing wild animals, and it’s even better to see them adapting to urban backyards. It doesn’t really matter what sort of animals they are. I love seeing anything from birds, to squirrels to rabbits to even the occasional skunk roaming around. Strangely enough, at my parents’ house just off the Poquessing Creek and Philly boarder, we’d see deer because it was mostly wooded along the length of the creek.

This bunny was seemingly pretty tame, considering how close to it, I was able to get. That was really surprising considering the neighbor’s dog nearby just caught one while she was out playing in her yard.

Rabbit Happily Munching Away

Here is a photo of a small rabbit that was happily munching away on the neighbor's tall grass.