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Baby Ducks At The New Whole Foods

We were out at the shopping center that they just built that is going to have the new Lancaster Whole foods today. As we were leaving we dove past these adult ducks and ducklings just wandering around the sidewalk.

Baby Ducks At The New Whole Foods

This picture shows two adult ducks and a bunch of ducklings along the sidewalk.

I feel like I remember this being a wet and swampy area before they did the construction but I could be wrong. That makes sense why the ducks are in the area. Ducks though are the type of bird that you can see in random areas where you just don’t expect to see them. Every once in a while they’re just lined up crossing a road blocking traffic. They don’t care how big the road is. If the mother decides they’re going to walk across it they just do.

I remember years ago on a fairly busy road down in this are there seemed to be an endless supply of ducks blocking a busy road. We sat there in traffic for something like ten minutes. I think that if I am remembering correctly fire trucks had to reroute due to the traffic when there was a fairly large apartment building fire nearby.