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We Went To An Alpaca Farm

Yesterday we returned to a local alpaca farm for their annual open house. It’s actually a cool, free, thing to do for the kids and the animals themselves are pretty interesting. We did it a few years ago too, but at that time I had a shitty camera on my phone at that time.

The alpacas are pretty interesting. It’s funny watching them run and play. Their thick fur makes them look so much bigger than they are, so they are seemingly too fat and out of proportion to be able to run.

I was surprised how many colors they can come in.

An Alpaca

Here is a photo of a darker colored alpaca

They seem to be very curious animals or maybe they’re just expecting us to have food for them. I think it’s most likely a combination of the two.

Alpacas Wanting Food

Here is a photo of an alpacas expecting food