Someone In The Neighborhood Has A Rooster

Sometimes you see or hear something that just catches you by surprise. As we were crossing the street at the corner a few houses down we heard nothing other than a rooster start crowing. What made it even more funny was how my girlfriend just froze in the middle of the street when she hard it being confused hearing it here in town. I comment yes that cock is up a 5:00 am.

We never did figure out where it was coming from. The sound could have been carrying pretty far this morning. We did notice that one of the houses down the street has chickens but it didn’t sound like it was that far away. I do know that if I were their neighbor I’d find it pretty annoying but then again the way that we have to listen to a dozen different dogs around us barking at random parts of the day what difference would it make anyways. 😆

Needless to say the rest of our walk revolved around ways we could talk about the cock. It was a golden opportunity to use that sort of humor and if you’re not taking advantage of those chances than you’re living life wrong.