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I Bought A "Romper" To Make My Girlfriend Laugh

Anyone who knows me knows that I ran out of fucks to give a long time ago when it comes to what anyone thinks of me. I mean, in the grand scheme of thing, what difference does it make? Life is short as it is and too many people run around being miserable worrying about what anyone else thinks of them.

It’s been something I’ve been planning on doing for a while. Amazon has them cheap enough for my purposes.

I Just haven’t seen anything that fit my tastes when I’d looked before, or it wasn’t prime. If I was going to do it, it couldn’t look like normal clothes, I had to do it right, and it had to fit my tastes.

I chose maybe 4 and made her pick the first letter without knowing what she was getting herself into. She had no clue what the letter stood for and all I would tell her is “you’ll see, and you’ll regret it.” She chose D. D stood for dinosaur, which meant the one with two dinosaurs on it was her surprise. That works for me because dinosaurs are awesome as it is and automatically make anything cool. When I got it and put it on, she laughed like I haven’t heard her laugh in a quite a while. Mission accomplished.

I got the romper and it, surprisingly, was actually pretty comfortable. I had to wear my dinosaur romper to the beach at one point when we were down the shore to try to embarrass her. I mean, of course I knew it wouldn’t. No, really, I wanted to make her laugh. I just wanted to have fun with the threat of it. I threatened to wear it the whole week we were down the shore. It actually was surprisingly comfortable to wear, which I didn’t think it would be.

I would’ve worn it to the restaurant we went to that evening if the pockets weren’t quite so shallow. I was afraid I’d lose my wallet with the shallow pockets, and that wouldn’t be no fun since I bring cash to pay on vacation when possible. I was afraid that I’d lose it without noticing, especially since we’d be drinking copious amounts of alcohol since we’re on vacation and walking. I also have to carry my telescope and a magnifier and didn’t want to risk losing those either. I brought extras to the shore, but still, I don’t want to lose the ones I actually like.

I’ve worn it around the house here a couple of times to make her laugh. She actually said my romper looks comfortable. I don’t have to worry about losing my shit here.

Life is short, have fun with it. If you’re taking too seriously, you’re doing it wrong.