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It Turned Out Nice Today

After I watched Molly do her lifting and she recovered a few minutes we did today’s WOD outside on the patio. It’s too nice to pass up on an opportunity to do this and it was just the sort of WOD that will work outside. I originally planned on doing the sandbag version with side to side thrusters but then I though I will do something I’m not as comfortable with so did the dumbbell version with one sided thrusters.

Today was the first time I have done these single arm thrusters with the dumbbells or at least the first time that I can remember doing them. They weren’t really difficult like I thought they might be so in hindsight I should have maybe given the RX+ weight of 50+ pound dumbbell a try since I did just fine and unbroken with the 40 that I did use.

The real challenge for me was the lateral burpees over the dumbbell. Between it being such a small target and the sun angle messing with my vision they went much slower than they needed to. The last thing I needed to do was to smash my face on the glass table or worse the concrete pavers.

We got to enjoy eating supper outside on the patio. There was a decent breeze from the south today so it wasn’t blocked by the house and the birds were singing. I watched a squirrel rolling around on the ground near the tree. Looked like it was playing with something. If I would have to guess I would say it had an inch of some sort and was trying to scratch it. It did look young so maybe it was playing. Other than the birds it was actually pretty quiet and relaxing outside this evening. We lucked out and didn’t here the dogs throughout the neighborhood barking.

There weren’t even really any bugs annoying us. No mosquitoes and no flies. Only the baby lantern flies that we’ve been killing and one lone wasp was crawling on me. I told it not to sting me then it flew away shortly after landing on me.

After supper we finished the day with a nice walk. It was pretty quiet for us out on our evening walk today. No annoying dogs except for the one that was barking that sounded like it was moving. I think maybe it was in a car that drove past. That reminded me of Sparky and Slugger loving the car. Even Rocky did. No annoying lawnmowers either. It was just a nice quiet walk with only hearing the birds singing and obviously the traffic. We did stop and smell a few roses along the way because life is too short to not do that!