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First Change To Sleep With The Window Open

Yesterday’s fairly mild temperature and warmth from moving through were nice. Last evening, clouds moved in and held the temperature higher. The forecast low was in the upper fifties, and because it was too warm in the house, we slept with the bedroom window open.

We’ve had other mild nights, but the last time it was raining and doing so fairly heavily, so we didn’t want water to come in. The other mild nights were ones where a cold front was expected to move through and drop the temperature. I’d be fine with that, but my girlfriend doesn’t like the cold. Those times we had the window open before bed to cool it off and allow some fresh air to come in but closed it before going to sleep.

I slept great, hearing the ambient sounds from outside. The crickets and other night sounds were going strong. Those sounds have always been so soothing to me. When I was growing up, we always had windows open. Air conditioners weren’t something we had. We were always outside. Our house behind the bar had a porch, and that’s where we spent most of the summer evenings. The yard had some large trees and bushes around it, which attracted the night insects.

We also spent a ton of time up the mountains, which I’ve written about so many times. It truly was my favorite place to be and the only place where I was truly happy. The summer evenings featured all the peepers and occasional bullfrogs. Every so often, there would be a bobwhite or whippoorwill in the woods too! There were loud katydids during the late summer.

I had a good night of sleep, hearing those sounds and getting the mostly fresh air. Once the fire pits were done, at least the smoke cleared.