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January High In The 50s Means Burgers On The Grill

The temperatures today over performed by 10 degrees over the forecast, with it getting into the 50s instead of the 40s for the high. A good chunk of the day was sunny, too! Had we known, we would have gone caching, but we had other things we needed to do. Then again there was still a lot of wet icy sleet where the sun doesn’t shine, and we wanted to go the river trail where the sun gets blocked by the hill a good part of the day.

I also wanted to do a running version of a WOD since it was nice out, too, but I have just been feeling off and tired this week. I’m listening to my body and taking some easier / rest days.

We went out to the country store and got stuff we normally get there, and also decided to grab meat to have burgers on the grill for supper. Those are always good and even more enjoyable on the surprise days like today when it’s not too cold, wet or windy to make them.