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Overshot the Forecast High By Five Degrees Today

I noticed this morning when I took Brooke to the bus stop that it felt pretty warm. My weather station showed it but it was a pleasant late winter morning out there today. I mean if it’s not gonna snow why be in the low teens? It was well into the 30s by 8:30 am and there was no wind yet.

I came home and did a WOD while it was bright and sunny outside. but I noticed a few clouds starting to form. After the WOD I went out on the patio again with the chair cushions to collect some sunshine since it was in the low 50s. By this time it was becoming mostly cloudy out with lots of cumulus clouds forming. The wind was also really picking up with some pretty good gusts well into the upper 20s mph range. It made it feel pretty chilly when the sun was in but when the sun was out and nearly noon time sun was strong and hot. The clouds were helping mix down some wind though with nice occasional gusts of dry southwesterly winds.

The grass is getting green patches in it again after being dormant from the cold and ice. I noticed a few small green patches yesterday but today they’re larger and more numerous. It’s amazing how resiliant grass really is and how quickly it does come back to life.

The high today seems to have been 55.4℉ and that’s within a half a degree of the other local weather stations other than the one that’s clearly erroneous. The forecast for the day was only 50 so we over shot that by a good bit. The forecast highs seem to be running a bit low this winter in general. Hope that doesn’t continue into the summer! It was pretty warm out today by February standards.